Frequently Asked Questions


What is involved in the planning process?
We believe strongly in the planning process; it is the foundation of our practice.  Our initial meeting is free of charge.  We use this time to determine what your needs and objectives are as well as to get to know each other.  Assuming we are a good fit, we move forward with defining the scope of the planning engagement and begin data gathering.  Depending on the scope and complexity of your situation, a subsequent meetings are scheduled to present and review the plan.  Once you have had a chance to carefully review the analysis and formulate any additional questions, we schedule additional meetings to discuss implementation.
How long does the planning process take?
The planning process will require a minimum of three meetings (initial, plan presentation, implementation), but may require more depending on your individual situation and preferences.   As we move through the initial implementation phase, we generally meet more often but at least annually on an ongoing basis.
What information will you need from me?

Our process is interactive and depends a great deal on you providing us with information and documentation concerning your personal financial situation. Since our recommendations are based on the reliability of the data you provide us, the value received from the plan increases dramatically when we gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and future goals and objectives. We can work to make this process as easy as possible for you by obtaining original documents that we will copy and deliver the originals back to you. All data and documentation provided to us will be treated as confidential at all times, except when you directly express that information may be shared with your professional advisors or other individuals. Below is a sample of information that may be needed to complete your plan:

  • Recent Tax Returns
  • Recent Pay Stubs
  • Recent Account Statements
  • Insurance Policies
  • Estate Planning Documents.
How much does a new financial plan cost?
The planning fee depends on the complexity of your situation.  Because we feel strongly that the planning process is essential to making sound financial recommendations, the fee will be waived if you choose to implement our recommendations and establish an ongoing advisory relationship.
Do you have investment minimums for individual advisory clients?
In order to assure that we are providing our clients with the highest level of service excellence on a cost-effective basis, we have set a minimum of $500,000 of investable assets for new clients.  However, this is evaluated on an individual basis.


What types of retirement plans does Bruton Chisnell Advisors support?
As a full-service retirement plan provider, Bruton Chisnell serves all types of qualified and non-qualified plans as well as endowments and corporate assets. We work with both profit and non-profit entities and serve as your fiduciary expert.
What services are available to employees who participate in retirement plans?
As part of our commitment to exceptional client service, Bruton Chisnell provides on-site educational sessions on a variety of timely topics. We also offer one-on-one “participant check-ups” to ensure participants are on track to retire well.
Does Bruton Chisnell Advisors offer a higher level of Fiduciary Support?
Yes. In addition to becoming the plan’s fiduciary partner, Bruton Chisnell can also serve as an ERISA §3(38) Investment Manager.
Will Bruton Chisnell Advisors be a part of our plan committee as a fiduciary?
Yes. Bruton Chisnell becomes a named fiduciary to the plan. As a member of the committee, we will orchestrate and lead quarterly meetings, conduct fiduciary reviews to evaluate investment options, review service vendor cost structure, and evaluate plan participation.
Does Bruton Chisnell Advisors have experience serving as Retirement Plan Advisors?
Bruton Chisnell is the advisor on over 45 plans with over $160 Million of Assets Under Advisement. Our team has worked in the retirement plan industry for over 40 years.
Which plan providers does Bruton Chisnell Advisors work with?
One of the main advantages of working with Bruton Chisnell is that we are an independent fiduciary advisor. That means we are able to seek out the best and most cost effective opportunities for our clients.

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